PETALING JAYA: How far will you go to get your car fixed? In these day of light-speed emails, instant messages and cellphones, an irate car-owner decided to adopt an old-school method of seeking redress — by placing stickers all over his problematic car.  And the message on the stickers read: "My Honda Tak Guna" (My Useless Honda).  Click to View To make sure he got the full attention of the car manufacturer, this sticker-adorned vehicle was parked outside the Honda Malaysia sales and service office here in Section 13 — much to the amusement of many pedestrians and motorists.  As to why he had resorted to such measures, events executive Jess Ross said his car brakes kept failing despite several repairs.  "Three months after buying the car, the rear brakes started giving way.After having these replaced by Honda, the same problem occurred three months later with the brakes giving way in the middle of the road.  "Luckily, I wasn't hit by another car when


Salam 1Blogger, 1 Nuffnanger.. Di sini ingin saya mengucap JUTAAN TERIMA KASIH kepada blogger yang telah menerjah ke blog dalam peningkatan trafik saya. JUTAAN TERIMA KASIH sekali lagi diucapkan...

Huraikan-Tarikh Lahir Anda


Cili Pilihan Dara & Janda

Chili pilihan/ idaman Dara & mak janda. Hati-hati semasa potong! Di Tanggung Halal---Chilly sunat (malay name) Hot Stuff Mother Nature must be playing a prank on mankind (and womankind as well) when such extraordinary vegetables appear. These are actual peppers from a garden. They are called 'Peter Peppers'.. The world’s most offensive-looking plant



Apabila Orang Melayu bersembang ngan Orang Hokkien

U definately will have a good laugh if u can understand hokkien.... Two old friends - a Chinaman and a Malay were having a conversation recently .... Apek:Lu potong zaka ada bagut ka? Ali: Manyak bagus. Bila lu potong haa, lu punya barang manyak bersih loo... Apek: err ... saya kawan ala cakap, potong zaka aaahh.... manyak ploblem.. Ali: Apa problem? Apek: Manyak buang lui, lagi aah... dia punya performance tadak bagut... manyak cinang semputloh ... Ali: Cehh... apek, lu apa cerita... saya suda lama potong. tada apa problem... bini saya manyak puas woo... Apek: Lu mini puas sama itu potong zaka ka? Ali: Ya laa. Bila lu potong aahh... lagi sedap main woo.. lu lagi lambat pancut.. Apek: err.... lu punya 1.3 atau 1.5?? Ali: woi apek cakap baik2 sikit ha ... saya punya 6 inci laa.. Apek: Tiu nia ma... lu jangan main2 haa... mana ada potong zaka 6 inci.. Ali: Cilaka apek ni...nah tengok (opens his trousers). Apek: Chee sin punya olang.....gua tanya baik2 ... lu t


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