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Diablo 3 aku Salam semua, Nak share di sini, setelah menunggu selama 12 tahun akhirnya dengan kerjasama Blizzard, secara rasminya pelancaran Diablo 3 satu Malaysia pada pukul 3 petang 15 Mei 2012. Aku salah seorang pembelinya. Game ni kalau nak main kene Online. Maka dengan itu, tiadalah versi cetak rompak punya dan sebagaimana kita(gamers) tahu, game dari blizzard ni memang susah nak cetak rompak. Pakej ni tiada langganan bulanan yang boleh memakan diri peng'gamers' tegar sebab dia konsep Buy2Play. Maksudnya, beli CD original, main la sampai bebila. OKlah, di sini saja.. GUA MAU LEVELING DULU!! Korang bila lagi mau beli??


First MOBA Games - Aeon of Strife from StarCraft MOBA games harken all the way back to the days of the original  StarCraft , when the custom map  Aeon of Strife  was created. This map streamlined the traditional real time strategy paradigm by placing the opposing bases under the control of the AI -- each base spawned minions to attack the other down predictable, preset paths called "lanes". Allied with each of these two AI-controlled bases were two opposing teams of players, with each player in command of a single, powerful hero unit (or "champion"). Without the intercession of the players, the two bases would fight to a standstill, neither making any headway towards the other. Aeon of Strife , however, was subject to the limitations of the  StarCraft  map editor, and as a result, didn't possess enough intricacy to hold the lasting attention of a hardcore playerbase. As a result, the MOBA genre didn't truly begin to blossom until the birth

TERA Online

The Exiled Realm of Arborea (also known as TERA Online) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game currently in development by Bluehole Studio. It is scheduled for release in South Korea in late 2010 and North America and Europe this coming Winter. Possible localizations for other regions have been mentioned, but have not yet been confirmed. Gameplay The Exiled Realm of Arborea uses a dynamic battle system which incorporates third person camera view where the player targets its enemies with a crosshair rather than selecting a target to automatically attack. The player is required to actively move and dodge attacks in real time. p/s : Nasib baik game Free 2 Play (F2P). Ada ler dalam senarai gamelist aku. Tak sabaq dah nie.. launch ler cepat.. cepat cepat... hehehe

Savage 2 : A Tortured Soul

Savage 2: A Tortured Soul is a fantasy and science-fiction themed video game that combines elements of the first-person shooter, real-time strategy, and action role-playing game genres. It is the sequel to Savage: The Battle for Newerth and was officially release d on January 16, 2008. On December 9, 2008 S2 Games announced that the game was officially freeware, with a paid "Premium Account" option that expanded certain aspects of the game. The game was released through Steam on July 13, 2008, for download. On December 13, 2008, the game was released as freeware. Gameplay Players can choose between two factions: the Legion of Man or the Beast Horde. The initial launch of Savage 2 features the Conquer game type. This game is won by destroying the enemy's command center - which is either a stronghold or a lair. Each team elects one commander - who views the game from a classic RTS perspective - to build defens es to support his team and buildings to unlock addit


What is a MOBA , or M ultiplayer O nline B attle A rena, and what sets it apart from the RTS, RPG, FPS, and MMORPG genres? This article examines what elements from each game type come together to create this revolutionary game genre. What Is a MOBA? People fling around the term MOBA when referring to a genre of games popularized by the ever-popular Defense of the Ancients Warcraft 3 mod. But the genre has been around longer and spans far more games than DOTA. Exactly what defines a game to place it into the “Multiplayer Online Battle Arena” category? Debates about this subject are held daily, but there are a few main points almost everyone can agree on. In a typical MOBA, the player controls only one unit or hero character much like a MMORPG or RPG. It may have some sort of summoning skill to break this rule and offer control to another unit or two but in general the player is only in control of his or her one heroic unit. These hero characters can level up, gain new abilities and sk